Imperial Collection in Faberge Ei

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1 l = 1,428.56 €

1 l = 1,428.56 €
 Imperial Collection
Carafe in a case in the shape of a Faberge egg

700 ml 40%

Today, "Imperial Collection" vodka is a diamond in preciousmounting. It is unique and inimitable. The history of the great state of Russian returns to us in a new guise. Noble beauty is embodied in an exclusive form, preserving and augmenting with great care the traditions of Russian art.

A special source of pride is the graceful and elegant gold eagle, which completes the composition. One of the most famous Florentine masters, who for more than 30 years has been working at the invitation of the Pope in the Vatican, worked on its development. Producing the eagle and gilding glass requires manual work. Thanks to the painstaking labor of many talented masters, we are able to present to you a true masterpiece: "Imperial Collection" vodka.

The cups have original relief decor and are made completely by hand. The relief gilding work is one of the most complex stages and is carried out by one of the oldest specialized companies. All decorative details are plated with 24-karat gold.

The manufacture of unique jewelry articles in the form of eggs, along with carafes and cups with refined gilding of thin glass requires special craftsmanship and experience. They are made by Melco Italia Srl, a leading Italian company. We entrusted the production of the glass items (carafes and cups) to a Venetian factory where the secrets of producing famous Venetian glass have been passed on from generation to generation since the 12th century.

Produktbezeichnung Wodka    
Netto-Volumen 700 ml
Aufbewahrung bis +30°C
Verwendungsbedingungen Kein Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum
Unternehmenskontakt Leon GmbH Steinmannweg 5, 53844 Troisdorf
Ursprungsland Russland
Herkunftsort Russland
Ursprungsland der primären Zutat(en) Russland
Herkunftsort der primären Zutat(en) Russland
Alkoholgehalt 40 % Vol
Marke Imperial Collection
Hersteller/Produzent Ladoga
Warnhinweise Ab 18 Jahren

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