Nemiroff "BIRCH SPECIAL" 0,7 L 40% Vodka

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1 l = 17.13 €


Moments of joy or minutes of hilarity give us emotions as strong and bright as Life itself. The Nemiroff «Ukrainian Birch Special» was created as a unique beverage of vivacity, jollity and victories. The vodka, which is the youngest among the Nemiroff Company's vodkas (it was launched on the Ukrainian market in March) is a combination of centuries-old traditions of the Ukrainian horilka distilling, an exclusive recipe and high-quality natural ingredients.

«Drink some extract on birch-tree buds, cast a spell for your merriment» – this time-tested recipe is not only interesting from the historical standpoint.

The new Nemiroff (tm) vodka is a delicious product. Every drop is filled with joy, shining through the light bitterness of birch buds, the mellow flavour of linden blossom and the mild fruit finish. Some of the ingredients we use in our blend to give you that exceptional taste trace back to the Kievan Rus traditional recipes of birch-bud-flavoured liquors that retain all the wholesome properties and reveal the brightest colours of the nature. It is those potions that have given strength, resistance to illness, sense of well-being and joviality to everyone who tastes the healthful drinks.


Produktbezeichnung Wodka    
Zusatzstoffe mit Linden und Birkenknospen Extrakt
Netto-Volumen 700 ml
Aufbewahrung bis +30°C
Verwendungsbedingungen Kein Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum
Unternehmenskontakt Leon GmbH Steinmannweg 5, 53844 Troisdorf
Ursprungsland Russland
Herkunftsort Russland
Ursprungsland der primären Zutat(en) Russland
Herkunftsort der primären Zutat(en) Russland
Alkoholgehalt 40 % Vol
Marke Nemiroff
Hersteller/Produzent Nemiroff
Warnhinweise Ab 18 Jahren

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